The following services are offered in person for local reptile owners. A phone call to go over the process and to let you know what you can expect is required before an appointment can be made.




Its very frustrating to love an animal but see that its not thriving as it should. In most cases, this isn’t because the owner doesn’t care about their animal, its because the owner is basing their care off of incorrect information.

It happens quite often – A new reptile owner, excited to have a new snake or lizard, only to see that after a few months their wonderful pet stops eating, loses weight, becomes stressed, behaves “aggressively”, or shows other signs that something isn’t right. They have been doing exactly what they were told by the pet store, but something is wrong. Now they don’t know what to do.

In MOST cases, its nothing more than an improper set up with the enclosure. Whether this means that the enclosure is too small, too big, or that the temperatures and humidity levels are wrong…its fixable! We can help!

Why does this happen though? How is it that pet and reptile stores selling these animals do not know how to properly care for them? In all honesty, its very frustrating and there doesn’t seem to be a way to actually stop it from happening, though many of us try (and will never stop trying). In most cases its because the employees at these stores aren’t trained in proper care and are just there to know the bare minimum so the store can make a sale. We have to believe in our hearts that they do mean well, they just don’t have the proper resources or training. The sad thing is its the animal that suffers.

Not all stores are like this, some do have employees that really know their stuff. Its just impossible for new reptile owners to know if they are receiving the right information or not. Reptiles are very hardy animals, and tend to be able to go quite a long time before showing signs that something is wrong. There is a difference between a reptile that is just alive, and a reptile that is thriving!

All reptiles deserve to thrive and have an enclosure set up that closely mimics its natural habitat. Their quality of life depends on their owners knowledge and efforts. 

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If you need help with your reptile, whether it’s because something is wrong or you just want to make sure you’re caring for them correctly, give us a call. We are here for you and for your animals. The sooner you correct any issues that may exist the sooner your animal can start living a better quality of life.