Ramona Reptile Rescue accepts a wide variety of pet reptiles and other pets, including…

  • Lizards
  • Snakes 
  • Amphibians 
  • Arachnids & Various Pet Insects 

If you need help with an animal not on our list, please call us for more information and we might be able to help you or get you into contact with someone who can.

Because of our small-size rescue, there are certain animals we cannot accept. There are also laws and regulations put in to place for California which limits the type of wild animals private owners can have in their possession.

We are NOT currently accepting any of the following animals:

  • Animals that are Native Wildlife – We only accept Captive Bred/Pet Reptiles. Many times people come across injured wildlife. If this is the case, the Fund for Animal’s Wildlife Center is who you will need to contact.


  • Certain Types of Venomous Snakes – Whether captive bred or not, we are unable to accept certain types of venomous snakes. An example of a venomous snake we do accept is a Hognose. If you need help with your venomous snake, please contact us with the type of snake to see if we can help you.


  • Iguanas – Due to the size of enclosures needed and our limited available space, we are unable to house Iguanas at this time. The San Diego Herpetological is a non-profit rescue group with experience rescuing these large lizards. Please contact them for more information on how to relinquish your iguana.


  • Turtles and Tortoises – As of September 2017 we are maxed out on the number of turtles we can accept for the space we have available. Turtles and Tortoises are one of the most abandoned and relinquished animals, leading to thousands of them ending up in shelters. Contact the San Diego Turtle & Tortoise Society. They are a much larger rescue with many resources available that may be able to assist you with relinquishing your turtle(s).

If you would like to re-home your healthy pet please click here for more information.