Ramona Reptile Rescue is operated by a Ramona family with a mission of making sure every pet reptile is healthy, happy and placed with a loving home.

It started with three young Eastern Box Turtles. A family member brought these little guys to us to separate them from the bigger turtles in their enclosure, who were bullying them and stealing their food. These little turtles were experiencing stunted growth and desperately needed some TLC. After just a few short weeks of some good food, daily warm water soaks and sunshine, they began to perk up and gain quite the appetite! Now they are healthy, happy and as feisty as can be.

No less than three weeks after receiving those turtles we were called by a friend who needed help removing a snake from her home. It was an adult Ball Python that had been abandoned by a previous tenant, and the snake was in bad shape. We gladly took her in and got her all set it up in a proper enclosure. With the correct care and attention, the snake was able to shed properly, revealing beautiful and vibrant scales. She also put on some much needed weight. It’s a gorgeous animal that won our hearts.

We had such a strong commitment to helping these animals, and with our efforts these animals recovered quickly and began to thrive. Its was such a great feeling! With an extensive background of years full of experience with all sorts of reptiles, and with the connection to the right people and veterinarians to provide us with the necessary information and resources when needed, we knew it was possible for us to help more reptiles in need of proper care and attention. We started gathering up spare tanks and cages from family and friends, and we spread the word. We let friends and family know of our new Mission: Offer to take in reptiles that were abandoned or that needed to be rehabilitated and then find them loving new homes.

Slowly but surely the calls and emails trickled in, and before we knew it we were busy with all sorts of different types of reptiles in recovery.

Helping these beautiful animals get back to a healthy and happy condition is so rewarding. Being able to help place some of these wonderful creatures with families that will provide the care they need is a fantastic feeling for us, and I’m sure the animals can agree!

Ramona Reptile Rescue is a privately owned rescue. All animals acquired by Ramona Reptile Rescue are provided with proper housing, dietary needs and veterinary care. For any questions please feel free to contact us via phone or email.